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On January 20, 2024 the advanced manufacturing and the emerging tech community will gather in Hillsboro, Oregon for a half-day summit .

Now is the time for Oregon to invest in a diverse workforce that is collaborative and customizes solutions to fit the unique requirements of individuals and organizations by building on current infrastructure while promoting transformative change.


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On January 20th, we are creating a safe space for people of color and companies to connect, co-create, and accelerate solutions to challenging problems.


Equip and empower participants through series of lighting talks, science demos, and panel discussions lead by industry experts.


Advance Oregon’s economic competitiveness and ensures equitable opportunities for a diverse workforce


It’s all about a dialogue

A few words from our speakers.

There's a level of authenticity that needs to happen in the tech industry, because sometimes you hear about people who are starting a new partnership and it's actually more transactional than they think.

Miguel Rodriguez

Talent D&I Strategist 

Other people perceive the tech industry a little bit like a harsh environment because it has been predominantly "made" for white males.

Gladys Garza

Sr. Process Mfg. Enginee

ESS, Inc

Technology is not only the present, but it's the future. And technology is for everyone. There is no space where tech should not be; which means tech needs should be inclusive of everyone.

Jarves Hall

East Metro STEM Partnership


Explore the dynamic field of artificial intelligence agencies, where innovation thrives in powering progress and connectivity through cutting-edge solutions. 

Artificial Intelligence

Explore the pivotal semiconductor industry, driving technological advancements. These innovations power devices, fostering connectivity and progress. 

Semi-Conductor Industry

Embark on the frontier of emerging technology, a realm where constant innovation shapes the future. In this rapidly evolving landscape, trust in the pioneers to harness cutting-edge advancements propelling us into the next era.

Emerging Technology

Uncover the world of advanced manufacturing, where precision and innovation converge to redefine industry standards. 

Advanced Manufacturing

Delve into the critical domain of cybersecurity, a field where vigilance and innovation converge to safeguard digital landscapes. 




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