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Quick Start Semiconductor Technician Paid Training

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

Portland Community College presents the Quick Start Semiconductor Technician Training program, a 10-day initiative designed in collaboration with industry leaders such as Intel. With semiconductors being integral to electronic devices, this program equips participants with the essential skills for Oregon's rapidly expanding semiconductor industry. Participants not only benefit from an accelerated curriculum but also receive a weekly training stipend of $500, enhancing both their education and financial well-being.

Oregon's prominence in semiconductor manufacturing is underscored by partnerships with major employers like Intel, ensuring the program's alignment with industry needs. The focus on local semiconductor production addresses the region's job market demands. As classes start monthly, prospective participants can apply at any time, responding to a set of questions and completing an assessment. The WorkSource team then guides successful applicants through the enrollment process, streamlining their entry into the program.

The collaboration with semiconductor industry leaders, evident in Intel's featured photos, reinforces the program's credibility and relevance. In essence, the Quick Start Semiconductor Technician Training program offers a brief yet comprehensive pathway for individuals to gain vital skills for immediate entry into Oregon's flourishing semiconductor sector, combining industry connection, financial incentives, and a rapid learning approach for a compelling educational opportunity.

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